Mocean Energy selects C-GEN technology for wave power take-off

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20th August 2019 Wave energy pioneers Mocean Energy have selected the University of Edinburgh’s C-GEN technology to provide the power take-off (PTO) for their first half-scale wave energy prototype. In January this year Mocean Energy secured £3.3 million from Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to develop and build a scale prototype of their Blue Horizon wave machine which will be deployed … Read More

TechX Blog – Green is the New Black

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14th June 2019 As the oil and gas sector faces up to the challenges presented by climate change, particularly in light of the net-zero by 2050 target set by the UK, many long-established firms are looking at novel approaches to lower their carbon impact. One of these new solutions is being developed by wave energy start-up Mocean Energy. Here company … Read More

Mocean Technology – the How and Why


How do it work? Our wave energy converter comprises two hulls connected by a hinge and moored to the seabed. Waves cause the hulls to flex about the hinge driving an internal generator What makes Mocean Energy’s design unique is the shape of the hulls. The sloped channels on the front and rear increase wave forces and change the body … Read More