Our Principles

Vision: People living in harmony with the ocean and each other through sustainable technology.

Mission: Mocean pioneers technology for harvesting energy from ocean waves using scientific insights, environmentally-informed engineering, and real-sea testing, to deliver reliable products that increase access to renewable energy for grid-connected and off-grid users, while respecting the natural environment.

Culture: Mocean Energy is a purpose and values driven organisation with a focus on wellbeing, work life balance, diversity and inclusion. We are an Equal Opportunities and family friendly employer. We are committed to the Fair Work Convention's vision to have a world-leading, fair work driven and successful working life by 2025, built on effective voice, opportunity, security, fulfilment and respect.

Our Values

We are PIONEERS. We forge our own path driven by our curiosity and vision.  We are willing to take bold and innovative steps.​​ 

We TRUST each other. We build that trust within our team, likewise with our business partners and stakeholders, by our integrity and honest communication, especially when faced with challenges.​ 

We are INCLUSIVE. We create a work environment where each and every person can bring their whole self, can be accepted, and can flourish.​ 

We are GROUNDED. We continually and critically assess our progress. We support our goals with robust engineering, realistic roadmaps, sound financials, and successful project delivery. 

Health, Safety and Environment

The Health and Safety of our staff, contractors and visitors is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that all of our offices, construction and operating sites have suitable health, welfare and wellbeing arrangements in place:

  • Recognising the importance of good mental health and wellbeing and proactively consider the impact of work on the mental health of our team;
  • Focusing on building a healthy working environment by developing a culture of openness and providing effective support when needed;
  • Understanding the harsh operating environment of our technology and the complex nature of the assembly of our devices;
  • Designing out and managing risk, minimising the exposure to all personnel who may be affected by our projects;
  • Selecting our staff and appointing competent contractors who have experience and specialised knowledge in the environments that we work in;
  • Encouraging and promoting a safety culture that is continually improving and learning lessons from all areas of our activity;
  • Minimising our impact on the environment and working closely with legislators and consenting bodies;
  • Working in an ecosystem that demands respect and aim to lead by example, minimising risk to the environment and setting standards of best practice;
  • Minimising and managing all waste that may be generated by our works and consider the reuse and recycling of all materials used in our equipment.

Our Health, Safety and Environment management systems have been developed and audited and are regularly reviewed and updated.

We also work with HydroSafe, who provide pragmatic advice and practical solutions to enhance our health and safety practices.


Our Quality Commitment

Mocean is committed to providing the highest quality products and services when designing, building and testing wave energy devices and we strive to be the best provider of wave energy converters.

Based on our strongly defined Quality Policy, our principles include a commitment to quality, cost and schedule, developing our team through empowerment and accountability, and building solid and durable relationships with our stakeholders.

We strive for continual improvement based on systematic research, risk management, efficient business processes and best practices, relying on well-defined measures and valuable customer feedback.

Our objectives are set, managed and reviewed on a regular basis, maintaining a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment and teamwork.

Through the use of these guiding principles, everyone in Mocean is accountable for fully satisfying our customers and partners by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations with best-in-class solutions and services.