Posted by Mocean Energy on Thursday, March 03, 2022

Mocean Energy is undertaking a project to test at sea a 1/2-scale prototype of their M100 (10KW) wave energy converter (WEC). The 1/2-scale prototype is referred to as the M100P and will be tested along with a HALO subsea energy storage system and a residential AUV. Testing of the M100P is planned to be undertaken at East of Deerness, Orkney in 2022.

Mocean Energy have therefore requested consent from the regulator, Marine Scotland, to deploy and test the M100P and the subsea system. As part of the consenting process, a Decommissioning Programme must be produced and consulted on under the Energy Act of 2004. Mocean Energy had opened up a consultation on the Decommissioning Programme and would like to invite stakeholders and members of the public to provide responses including any concerns, via email or phone +44 (0)7849 515639.

Please provide responses by 5pm Monday 04 April 2022.

All received consultation responses will be supplied to the regulator and considered during the decommissioning programme determination and approval process executed by Marine Scotland, on behalf of Scottish ministers.