Offshore Renewable Energy Technology – Powering the Future

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Renewables for Subsea Power

By Andrew Douglas, Applications & Sales Engineer

The need for sustainable energy solutions within the offshore energy industry is becoming increasingly crucial, with a focus towards innovations that provide a way of harnessing power from our oceans. At Mocean Energy, we are proud that our innovative technology has been recognised and celebrated, as we were shortlisted for two technology awards in offshore renewable energy categories.

Our prototype, Blue X wave energy converter was developed and built in Scotland and commenced testing in Orkney in 2021, successfully harnessing energy from both gentle summer waves to the harsh and tumultuous winter conditions of the North Sea.

Testament to the innovative nature and potential impact of our technology, Blue X was nominated and won the Pre-Commercial Deployment Technology Award at this year’s SPE Offshore Achievement Awards. This award not only acknowledges the ingenuity behind our Blue X wave energy converter but also highlights its practical applications in providing renewable, cost-effective power and communications to offshore assets, including those in the oil and gas and CCUS sectors.

Since 2020, we have been collaborating in a cross-industry offshore demonstration project – called Renewables for Subsea Power (RSP) – in which Blue X, allied to subsea energy storage, is providing local power and communications to project partner subsea equipment. This is a world-first demonstrator project, where the full offshore system is powered exclusively by wave energy and is operated remotely. The latest phase of RSP is now coming to a close after the successful completion of 12-months of testing in the waters off Orkney. The future rollout of this technology will provide important jobs in clean energy as part of a just transition for Scotland’s world-leading engineering and offshore workforce, as part of a collective Net Zero shift.

Our involvement in the joint industry demonstrator RSP project further propelled us into the limelight. This collaborative effort was nominated for The Engineer magazine’s Collaborate to Innovate Awards, specifically in the Energy & Environment category. The recognition of our contribution to this project highlighted the collaborative spirit and industry traction our technology is building within the industry.

Our success in these awards serves as validation of the dedication and skill of our team. It reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of ocean energy technology and reminds us all of the huge responsibility that comes with pioneering change in an industry that plays a critical role in shaping the future of our planet.