At Mocean Energy our expert team combines scientific principles with real-world experience to deliver new technologies which can harness the power of waves – and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon world.

We are currently developing two wave energy technologies – Blue Horizon, designed to generate grid-scale electricity, and Blue Star, a smaller machine which will power a range of subsea equipment, inspection and maintenance systems.

Both technologies are based on the same concept – a hinged raft with a unique geometry that improves performances by up to 300 percent compared to traditional hinged rafts and increases survivability by diving through the largest waves.

Blue Star

Our Blue Star wave energy converter will provide reliable renewable energy to power a range of sub-sea applications – from subsea control systems to ROVs and fully autonomous underwater vehicles.


Its compact design – which fits in a 40ft shipping container – will utilise a robust magnetic-geared power take-off to charge onboard batteries and provide continual power and communications to a range of existing and emerging subsea technologies.

Blue Star has secured the support of Scottish Enterprise and the EU’s MARINET programme and our 10th-scale prototype will undergo testing at the world-leading wave energy test facility at Centrale Nantes in France in autumn 2019.

This will pave the way for larger-scale testing at sea in 2021-22.

Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is our utility-scale machine – design to deliver reliable green energy to transmission networks around the world.


Development of Blue Horizon has been funded through Wave Energy Scotland’s Novel Wave Energy Converter Programme, where competing technologies were required to pass through a ‘stage gate’ selection process where technologies were assessed by industry expert and the most promising concepts were selected to proceed to the next funding stage.

Blue Horizon is one of only two technologies to reach the scale prototype stage, and the £3.3 million support from Wave Energy Scotland will fund the design, manufacture and deployment of a half-scale machine to be deployed in Orkney in 2020.

The prototype will utilise a  purpose-built power take-off generator, C-GEN, designed and built by Edinburgh University – also a recipient of a Wave Energy Scotland award.