Health Safety and Environment

The Health and Safety of our staff, contractors and visitors is of paramount importance to us. We ensure that all of our offices, construction and operating sites have suitable health, welfare and wellbeing arrangements in place;

We recognise the importance of good mental health and wellbeing and proactively consider the impact of work on the mental health of our team. We focus on building a healthy working environment by developing a culture of openness and providing effective support when needed.

We understand the harsh operating environment of our technology and the complex nature of the assembly of our devices. We strive to design out and manage risk, minimising the exposure to all personnel who may be affected by our projects;

We select our staff and appoint competent contractors who have experience and specialised knowledge in the environments that we work in;

We encourage and promote a safety culture that is continually improving and learning lessons from all areas of our activity;

We strive to minimise our impact on the environment and work closely with legislators and consenting bodies. We work in an ecosystem that demands respect and aim to lead by example, minimising risk to the environment and setting standards of best practice;

We minimise and manage all waste that may be generated by our works and consider the reuse and recycling of all materials used in our equipment.

Our Health, Safety and Environment management systems have been developed and audited and are regularly reviewed and updated.

We also work with HydroSafe, who provide pragmatic advice and practical solutions to enhance our health and safety practices.