Mocean hosted Orkney Industry Day

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On the 13th of June, we had the pleasure of welcoming guests for a first-hand look at  our collaborative Renewables for Subsea Power demonstrator project. We were joined by our project partners from Verlume, Transmark Subsea, Baker Hughes, and representatives from our sponsors Serica Energy, Harbour Energy and PTTEP who travelled all the way from Thailand for the occasion, as … Read More

Founder’s Blog – The Potential of Wave Energy

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Company co-founder and managing director Cameron McNatt discusses current activity and the future of the wave energy sector. The energy in ocean waves is 50% due to kinetic energy (the fluid particles move in ellipses) and 50% due to potential energy (the water surface goes up and down). The wave energy industry is also split between kinetic (i.e. what is … Read More

Founder’s Blog – The Wave Energy Scotland Experience

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29 November 2019 With the Wave Energy Scotland Annual Conference coming up, the fourth that WES has held and the fourth that Mocean will attend, company co-founder and managing director Cameron McNatt reflects on Mocean’s expereince in the WES programme. Have you ever been waiting to find out something really important, something that would change your life, and with the assumption that … Read More

EWTEC 2019 Paper

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3 September 2019 After 3 years of technical development funded by Wave Energy Scotland, we finally have had the opportunity to present some of our results at the 2019 European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Naples, Italy. A draft version of the paper is attached below. The paper describes the results of our Stage 2 WES project, in which … Read More

TechX Blog – Green is the New Black

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Mocean wave energy technology

14th June 2019 As the oil and gas sector faces up to the challenges presented by climate change, particularly in light of the net-zero by 2050 target set by the UK, many long-established firms are looking at novel approaches to lower their carbon impact. One of these new solutions is being developed by wave energy start-up Mocean Energy. Here company … Read More

Mocean Technology – the How and Why

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How does it work? Our wave energy converter comprises two hulls connected by a hinge and moored to the seabed. Waves cause the hulls to flex about the hinge driving an internal generator What makes Mocean Energy’s design unique is the shape of the hulls. The sloped channels on the front and rear increase wave forces and change the body … Read More